We Develop Highly Profitable Websites that Help Make the World a Better Place.

Our Unique Business Model in 23 Words

We sell more of your products or services by associating your business with a cause that your ideal customer will feel good about supporting.

The Results?


You sell more of your products or services to your customers...


Your customers become evangelists for your company...


Your company gets recognition for helping your chosen cause...


Your chosen cause receives much-needed funding and exposure to do right in this world.

Did You Just Get an “Ah-ha” Moment?

Yes. It is different.

Yes. It is smart.

And yes. It is highly-effective.

And the Best Part?

We’re leveraging basic psychology to help all parties involved get exactly what they want.

People are consumers. They want to buy what you’re selling. With this business model, you help them feel good about buying from you and you help a cause close to your heart.

As long as you’re doing that, there is nothing wrong with you selling a lot more along the way, right?

Next Steps

If you get this concept, please apply it to your business. Nothing would make us happier than to see more companies running with this idea and helping many worthy causes.

If you need some help applying this to your business or if you’d like to invest in a site already built (or in the process of being built) to “do right” get in-touch.

Eric Haaranen

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